Tempus is stunning one of a kind life like reborn baby mannequin created by master artist Andama Dujon using a Ariella sculpt by Reva Schick

This baby doll would be hard to fault as she is perfect from the top of her head to her little feet.

We have hand rooted her hair using a beautiful soft black mohair with a curl and we have left it a iittle longer making it easier to style.

We have hand painted her skin adding to her realistic apperance and with her soft jointed body she is easy to pose and not ony looks real, she feels real.

This baby is an angel and will melt the heart of any doll collector  AND she is a one of kind.

No expence was spared  when we dressed this stunning little girl and her outfit came from Christening world  http://www.christeningworld.com.au/

 Tempus comes with her stunning dress, lace jacket,matching bonnet and cotton booties, pearl bracelet and matching hair clip, a wrap and custom made passport with all her details

One of a kind life like life size reborn baby mannequin, Tempus is a designer baby created at Andama Galleries the home of Reborn Dolls Australia

Temous means forgotton deity