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Our gallery has the largest number of photos online for every baby up for adoption. Every photo is taken in natural light, every detail is able to be seen. We have over 50 photos per baby, and a video with approximately 100 photos per baby.

Browse our nursery, see the babies waiting to be adopted and remember once adopted they gone forever.

You are invited to become part of the Andama Galleries family and thank you for visiting our online nursery or visit us at

58 Wentworth St
Glen Innes
NSW Australia 2370

Andama Galleries is the home of Reborn Dolls Australia creators of designer babies.

The Baby Maker

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Bird feeding Station at the Knick Knackery

    I do not like warm weather so gardening in the summer is pretty much never going to happen however today it has been a little cooler...

My fab work area

  it seems the only thing that changes in my work area is the size and type of mess I have lol      


    My morning starts with cleaning my teeth then feeding my dogs then getting Dickie from his home and letting him have a play while I...

I Lost my girl today

Tollie 2002- 2017 Passed away today the 14th February 2017 I had to let my little girl go this morning which is very sad after 15 years. I will miss...

newest family member

I am the newest family member. My name is Mini, I am 15 years old and my family would not pay the $30 to get me back from the ranger  so I now...

Basil Heads

  well everyone knows I like to recycle and this week I tidied up some of the broken dolls I have been collecting and today I started my indoor...